MBA + PG Program in Marketing (PGPM)

Upgrade your skills in MBA + PG Program in Marketing Domain (PGPM) sector with - MBA + PGPM

  • Program Brief
  • Free University Certifications
  • Program Overview
  • Program Benefit
  • Program Outline
  • Marketing Management Specialization
  • Branding & Advertising Specialization
  • Digital Marketing Specialization
  • E-Commerce Marketing and Management Specialization
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Program Brief

Earn an MBA degree from UGC-AICTE-DEB, AIU approved NAAC accredited University.
Specialization tracks:
  • Marketing Management
  • Branding & Advertising
  • Digital Marketing
  • E-Commerce Marketing and Management
+ Full-time PGPM from IIAS Professional Academy
ELIGIBILITY : Graduation in any discipline
Duration : 2 Years
Program Fees : Rs. 2,45,900 (including GST)
Delivery Mode : Online + In-Class
In-Class Sessions : 4 Hours/Day & 5 Days/Week
**Installment & Loan Facility available

MBA / PGPM Program Overview

The MBA program introduces students to the basic processes of Sales, Marketing and Marketing Management, including market research techniques & strategic marketing tactics keeping in mind consumer behaviour patterns and current buying trends.

The facility of an additional PGPM (PG Program in Management) conducted simultaneously by IIAS Professional Academy in it Hi-Tech Classrooms at its state-of-the-art Wi-Fi Kolkata campus

The online MBA course plus offline PGPM classes along with 2 certificate courses in Sales & Distribution and Digital Marketing include brand management and business communication, with an in-depth study in Digital Marketing orientation including effective utilization of Social Media Marketing (SMM) tools which comes with Google as well as Govt Catskill certification, and offers internship opportunity along with live online training to enable the practical implementation approach simultaneously with classroom discussions.

Program Benefit

1) Learn about sales & marketing skills and how to place the right product at the right place with increased awareness about distribution channels (with career opportunities available in various sectors like FMCG, health-care, retail, FMCD, pharmaceuticals, BFSI, Telecom, etc.)

2) Gain in-depth study in Digital Marketing orientation, strategy planning and services including effective utilization of Social Media Marketing (SMM) tools for business and entrepreneurial purpose that come with 6 Google certifications.

3) Study consumer behaviour with reference to consumer segmentation to interpret marketing strategies

4) Improve business communication skills including emails, sales reports and meeting minutes, plus get a comprehensive understanding of Presentation Skills and usage of business vocabulary to initiate effective sales pitch and impactful official communication to maximize business impact

The 2-year work integrated Masters Program offers a customized range of specializations

Program Outline

Semester 1

1) Modern Business Organization and Management

2) Global Business Environment & Economics

3) Accounting & Financial Management

4) HR & OB

5) Business & Corporate Law

Semester 2

1) Business Research Methodology

2) Modern Marketing Management

3) Information Technology for Business

4) Production Operations & SCM

5) Business Communication Skills

Semester 3

1) Business Policies & Strategic Management

2) Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management

3) Specialization 1

4) Specialization 2

5) Specialization 3

Semester 4

1) Business Ethics & Corporate Governance

2) Specialization 4

3) Specialization 5

4) Specialization 6

5) Project Work

    MBA - Marketing Management

    This specialization offers a hands-on experience to build on required skill-set for a wide spectrum of marketing topics like strategic marketing, integrated marketing, talent management as well as marketing communications.

    Semester 3

    1) Specialization 1 - Consumer Behaviour

    2) Specialization 2 - Fundamentals Of Advertising

    3) Specialization 3 - Team Building And Leadership

    Semester 4

    1) Specialization 4 - Strategic Marketing Management

    2) Specialization 5 - International Marketing Strategy

    3) Specialization 6 - Fundamentals Of Global Business Management

MBA - Branding & Advertising

This specialization offers a holistic understanding of creative skills and practical knowledge required to function across several branding and advertising platforms. Basic awareness about consumer behaviour, advertising campaigns, branding, interactive digital media, corporate positioning and audience measurement etc.

Semester 3

1) Specialization 1 - Strategic Marketing Management

2) Specialization 2 - Fundamentals Of Advertising

3) Specialization 3 - Practices In Advertising

Semester 4

1) Specialization 4 - Strategic Brand Management

2) Specialization 5 - Brand Positioning Strategies

3) Specialization 6 - Brand Marketing Programmes & Performance Measurement

MBA - Digital Marketing

This specialization creating an exhaustive awareness of marketing paradigms in the digital scenario for today’s global business organizations; the 2-year MBA program provides the necessary skill-set required to optimize the organizational brand presence in search engines like Google, on mobile applications and across social media platforms. Participants get an insider look into execution, development and optimization of online marketing strategy aligned to organizational goals and promote data-driven campaigns to increase lead conversions.

Semester 3

1) Specialization 1 - Consumer Behaviour

2) Specialization 2 - Introduction To Digital Marketing

3) Specialization 3 - Strategic Marketing Management

Semester 4

1) Specialization 4 - Web Analytics

2) Specialization 5 - Social Media & Search Engine Management

3) Specialization 6 - Search Engine Optimization

MBA - E-Commerce Marketing & Management

This specialization provides an industry orientation towards the e-commerce platform in business including multiple domains of consumer behaviour, digital marketing, e-commerce as well as media and marketing. The course also addresses the pertinent issues faced by the e-commerce industry, including both multinationals and start-ups. The program grooms the participants for both short-term goals such as employability skills along with long-term career development objectives in this digital era of businesses.

Semester 3

1) Specialization 1 - Consumer Behaviour

2) Specialization 2 - Information Technology & Retailing

3) Specialization 3 - Strategic Marketing Management

Semester 4

1) Specialization 4 - Web Analytics

2) Specialization 5 - E-Commerce

3) Specialization 6 - E-Business Communication & Network Security

Career Prospects

Brand Management

Product Management

Marketing Manager

Business Marketing

Marketing Research

Sales Representative

Business Development

Marketing Communication

Sales Executive

Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Analyst

Digital Media Manager

Business Administrator

Digital Transformation Specialist

Business Process Manager

Digital Solutions Lead

Digital Strategy Consultant

Digital Marketing Executive

Relationship Manager

Market Research Analyst

Public Relations Specialist

Sales Representative

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