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Program Brief

MBA Entrepreneurship : MBA degree from UGC-AICTE, DEB approved NAAC accredited University
PG Diploma in Entrepreneurship and Family Business Management
Certificate in Effective Workplace Communication
ELIGIBILITY : Graduation in any discipline
Duration : 2 Years
Program Fees : Rs. 1,85,000
Delivery Mode : Online + In-Class
* Stand Alone MBA also available
** PG Diploma & Certificate Programs also available independently
*** Installment & Loan Facility available

Program Overview

The 2-year in MBA in Entrepreneurship along with 1-year PG Diploma in Family Business Management provides an in-depth integral study on family-owned and managed businesses specially dedicated to build transformational management attitude amongst the new generation of family business heirs. The focus is on the important aspect of getting the 2nd, 3rd or even 4th generation owner to understand the daily operations and scope of the traditional family-run business in the current global scenario, along with the fine-tuned infusion of the entrepreneurship spirit required to scale it up accordingly.

Scope & Benefit

Arrive at a synthesis of traditional principles and contemporary management styles based on modern technological advancements

Develop an acumen for innovative entrepreneurship and risk-taking for succession planning to cement the future of family-run businesses in this highly competitive global market

Interpret complex business strategies for decision-making process in case of mergers, acquisitions, diversifications and networking opportunities based on real-life business scenarios

Master the skill-set required for business analytics and operations, along with financial business management purview of taxation policies, capital budgeting and working capital management

Program Outline

MBA - Entrepreneurship Program Outline
Semester 1

1) Modern Business Organization and Management

2) Global Business Environment & Economics

3) Accounting & Financial Management

4) HR & OB

5) Business & Corporate Law

Semester 2

1) Business Research Methodology

2) Modern Marketing Management

3) Information Technology for Business

4) Production Operations & SCM

5) Business Communication Skills

Semester 3

1) Business Policies & Strategic Management

2) Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management

3) Women Entrepreneurship

4) Project Management

5) Entrepreneurial Support & Finance

Semester 4

1) Business Ethics & Corporate Governance

2) Entrepreneurship And Small Industry Development

3) Industrial Entrepreneurship Development

4) New Ventures

5) Project Work

PG Diploma in Entrepreneurship and Family Business Management Program Outline
Semester 1

1) Family Business Management

2) Dynamics of family business governance

3) Business Plan Preparation

4) Small Business Promotion

5) Entrepreneurial Finance and tax strategies for family business

6) Technology innovation and sustainable enterprise

Semester 2

1) Social Entrepreneurship

2) Strategy for Start-ups

3) Mergers, Joint Ventures and Acquisitions

4) Sickness and turnaround strategies

5) Business Regulations

6) Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility

Semester 4

1) Project Work

Certificate Programme in Effective Workplace Communication Program Outline
Semester 3

1) Skill Level Basic Diagnostics - Reading, Spoken & Written

2) Email Writing Basics with Business Email Writing Practice

3) Writing Effectively

4) Grammar Recap + Indianisms usage

5) Writing Skills Practice Assessments

6) Spoken Skills Practice using Group Discussions, Debates & Role Plays

7) Conversation mark-ups

8) Reading & Comprehension

9) Business Etiquette & Grooming

10) Body Language Indicators

11) Presentation Skills

12) Progress Mapping via Assignments

13) Project

Career Prospects

Tour Manager

Hotel Manager

Resort Manager

Food & Beverage Management

Front Office Reception

Restaurant Management

Catering Manager

Conference Centre Manager

Event Manager

Relationship Manager

Market Research Analysts

Public Relations Specialists

Sales Representatives

Academic Counsellors

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